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About Bodhi Tree Massage + Skincare

Bodhi Tree Massage + Skincare is conveniently located in Cleveland's historic Tremont neighborhood. We are less than 5 minutes from downtown Cleveland and are surrounded by the vibrant diversity of all that Tremont has to offer from the shops and restaurants to Lincoln Park and the Abbey Ave. overlook of downtown. Parallax restaurant and Loop Coffee and Records are our neighbors. We are thrilled to be a part of this community and look forward to working with you all.


Massage Therapist + Reiki Master

Susan has a background in chiropractic massage and energy work.She is a Holy Fire, Karuna and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki master practitioner. Her approach is to treat the whole body as a complete and unique energy system while combining the power of a deep tissue massage with a calming Swedish flow or the long slow glide of a relaxing and restorative Swedish massage.

Sarah F.
Massage Therapist

Sarah F. graduated from the National Institute of Massotherapy in 2013. Her unique style integrates Western and Eastern modalities, fusing powerful deep tissue techniques with calming Swedish flow. She believes every body has the innate ability to heal itself. Sarah employs an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for the body on her table to unwind on its own.

Sarah J.
Massage Therapist + Esthethician

Sarah J. graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in 2007 with a diploma in massage therapy. The comprehensive 1,000 hour program included classes in Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, and Prenatal Massage in addition to introductory training in Shiatsu, Tui Na, Ortho-bionomy and other bodywork modalities. Since graduating, Sarah has completed continuing education courses in cranio sacral therapy with master teacher Etienne Piersman in Santa Fe, NM as well as the Four Elements Hot Stone massage course with Lili Gill in Charlottesville, VA. She completed a training in Cleveland in winter 2016 focusing on releasing the psoas muscle - a major muscle often neglected in massage sessions that can be profoundly involved in patterns of chronic pain, muscle tension and poor posture in many clients.

While living and working in Charlottesville, VA Sarah became interested in holistic skin care. She found facial and body treatments to be an excellent compliment to massage therapy and completed the Esthetics program at the American Spirit Institute in Richmond, VA in 2013. She became certified in microdermabrasion and advanced peeling techniques (chemical peels) in Columbus, OH in 2016.

Ten years into her career as a massage therapist, Sarah remains passionate about helping people feel better, maintain well being, and access preventative care via massage and bodywork. She thoroughly enjoys providing facial services and talking with clients about skin care and how to address imbalances and specific skin care concerns.

Massage Therapist and Graston Technique Preferred Provider

Kearney graduated from National Institute of Massotherapy in 2007. She worked for Lakewood Massotherapy (2007-2013) and most recently Zen Metro Spa from 2009 until its recent closure in October 2017. She prides herself on the ability to treat each client according to their specific needs and customizes her massage to target the areas of concern. She has a strong backround in Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage, Medical massage, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy, Post-Isometric muscle release, Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage.

Most recently she became a Graston Technique Preferred Provider. This technique uses specially designed instruments to treat soft tissue injuries such as areas of chronic inflammation and scar tissue. The goal is to heal and rebuild healthy functioning tissue. The instruments are moved over the affected area and come into contact with the adhesions breaking up the scar tissue. In time, this process reduces the stuck fibers, restoring motion and eliminating the pain associated with the injury.

She is passionate about healing and would love to talk to you about how massage can be a solution for pain and chronic stress.

Massage Therapist

Nori is passionate about providing client-focused therapeutic massage, working with each client to tailor the massage session to their individual needs and preferences. Drawing from classic Swedish relaxation and deep tissue techniques as well as more advanced therapies such as joint capsule release, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Nori provides uniquely soothing sessions that combine the stress-reducing benefits of relaxation massage with pain-relieving therapies that address your chronically overworked muscles and tension holding patterns as necessary.